Cookie policy

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small amounts of data that a website sends to your computer or mobile device.


Why do we use cookies?

Web pages have no memory. If you browse between different pages on the same website, you will not be recognized as the same user. Cookies make it possible for websites to recognize your browser. Therefore, cookies are mainly used to store the options you choose – for example, your preferred language or the currency you use. They also help you to be recognized when you return to a website.


Do all cookies do the same?

No, there are different types of cookies and the ways in which they are used can also be different. Cookies vary in function, duration, and who places them on a website.


How are cookies used?

Our sites use cookies, without which none of our sites would be able to provide you with correct services. By visiting any of our sites, you accept the use of cookies. Types of cookies we use:

Mandatory (Technical) Cookies  These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website system (for example, between your device and the server).

Analytics cookies  These cookies give us information about the number of visits to our site and thanks to them we can analyze whether our users work easily with it and whether we have answered frequently asked questions (Google Analytics cookies). These cookies do not give us any information about your personal data. They only show us whether you have viewed more than one page of our site, how many times you have visited certain pages, whether you use a mobile or desktop device and other anonymous data. For Google Analytics, we also use anonymization of IP addresses using anonymizelp. The maximum period in which we store analytical data in Google Analytics is 50 months.

Functional cookies  These cookies allow you to provide you with a more personalized service (for example, saving your history from a recent search) and thus make the most of the features of our site. They do not store your personal information.

Advertising cookies  These are dynamic cookies on Facebook, Google and others. We use such cookies, but they can also be triggered by our advertising partners. These cookies do not store any personal information. It is up to you to make the settings for the cookies you receive from our site. To do this, enter the settings of the browser you are using and follow the instructions. You can also use the “Cookie Setup” option available at the bottom of the site. Keep in mind that if you restrict certain types of cookies, you may also restrict the functionality of the site on your own device.


How long are cookies active?

The cookies we use are active for a different period of time. The maximum setting of some of them is up to 540 days from your last visit to the website. You can delete all cookies from your browser whenever you want.


How to recognize our Cookies?

You can see our cookies in your browser settings.


How can you manage cookies according to your preferences?

Use your browser settings, such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, or Chrome, to choose which cookies to accept and which to reject. Where these settings are located depends on the browser. Use your browser’s Help function to find the settings you need.

If you choose not to accept certain Cookies, you may not be able to use some of the features of our website. If you choose not to accept cookies on any of the online advertising networks, this does not mean that you will no longer receive ads or be used for market analysis. This only means that the network you opt out of will not send you ads according to your preferences and the way you browse the Internet.


Do we use web beacons?

In addition to cookies, we sometimes use web bookmarks. A web bookmark is a small, single-pixel graphic image that is sent to your computer either as part of a web page request or as an HTML email message. We use these pixels either directly or through a service provider as part of our advertising strategy, either on our website or on a third-party website, to find out if a user who has been shown an online ad is making a reservation; they are also used to track conversions through our partners’ websites, as well as to analyze traffic to optimize our services.

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