9 of the Best Instagram Locations in Plovdiv

Plovdiv is known for being the European capital of culture, as well as being one of the oldest cities in Europe.

This is why it’s not surprising that on its territory there are a number of breathtaking views and, accordingly, perfect locations for Instagram. Each of them is also within walking distance of The Stay! We’ve collected 9 of them along with real-life examples from Instagram to make it easier for you to create a photo and walking schedule when you visit the City of Seven Hills.

1. Dzhendem Tepe / Youth Hill

Yes, any of the six (still existing) hills could be mentioned in this list, but we’ll limit ourselves to JUST four 😉


As the highest of the six hills, Jendema, also known as Youth Hill, is a logical first stop for those looking for stunning views.


Its height above sea level is 307 m, which is why the city at dusk serves as an enchanting background of twinkling lights.


The hill is only 9 minutes or 750 meters from The Stay, and you can see its photographic value for yourself.

2. Sahat Tepe / Danov Hill

Sahat Tepe is located in the central part of Plovdiv and rises 46 meters above the city.


It is officially called Danov Hill in honor of the Bulgarian book publisher Hristo G. Danov – public figure and mayor of the city of Plovdiv.


Its name means Clock Hill in Turkish because of the Clock Tower erected in the 16th century on its summit. It is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe and is a stone prism with a height of 17.5 m.


An interesting fact about it is that the first clock on the hill was built in Roman times.


In 1920, a marble slab was discovered that was part of the dial of a sundial built by citizens in honor of the emperors Lucius Septimius Severus (193-211) and his son Caracalla (211-217).


The builders also came across the ruins of a temple of Aphrodite that once existed, and thus the hill received the name “Hill of Love”.


In 1578, a wooden clock tower was built on the top, which unfortunately burned down at the beginning of the 19th century.


In 1809, its stone construction began. In this form, the tower survives to this day. In 1883, a new large clock made in Vienna was placed in it.


Understandably, the clock tower itself is just one of the attractions that are extremely suitable as a background or centerpiece in stunning photos.


On certain special occasions, the tower is illuminated in amazing colors as part of a light and music show.


Sahat Tepe is an 8-minute walk or 450 meters from The Stay.

3. Bunardzhika / Hill of the Liberators / Alyosha

Bunardjika is probably our favorite photo location on the list, so we hope you enjoy the larger portion of Instagram examples we’ve included!


Alyosha is the second highest of the six hills of Plovdiv.


The origin of its name – Bunardjika – is from the Ottoman word “bunar” (well), because of the numerous water sources.


However, this is only a part of its many names.


In Roman times it was known as the “Hill of Hercules” and there was a large statue of the mythical hero.


In the mid-1930s, at the suggestion of mayor Bozhidar Zdravkov, the hill was renamed the Hill of the Liberators.


In the 1950s, the hill was briefly called “Stalin”.


A walk to Alyosha from The Stay will take you 30 minutes because it is located 2 km away from the hotel.

4. Nebet Tepe

The fifth hill in the Old Town rises like a sentinel, and for this reason, it bears the name Nebet tepe – “the sentinel”.


If you have time to walk around the Old Town, climb to its highest point. This is Nebet Tepe.


The hill is covered with ancient Roman ruins, and from its territory, you can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city, as well as two of the other hills: Mladezhki and Bunardjika. To complete the perfect picture, the Rhodopes are also visible from this point.


Stone remains from Thracian times can be found on its slopes. Some writers from the past gave it the name Museum Hill in honor of the Thracian hero Museum – one of the most talented students of Orpheus.


All this is just a 15-minute (1.1 km) walk from The Stay.

5. The Singing Fountains

Undoubtedly, one of the cultural symbols of Plovdiv is the so-called Singing fountains. They are located in the Tsar – Simeon garden and occupy an area of ​​6 decares.


As their name suggests, they boast a rich music program, but what is even more impressive is that it is also combined with a spectacular light show.


The water jets of the fountains reach a height of 20 meters, and the melodies that sound during the program are works of famous classics.


This type of show was held for the first time on May 22, 2015, when the complex was officially opened.


During the summer season, the program starts at 9:30 p.m., as the daylight hours are longer then.


Plovdiv residents and guests can enjoy the singing fountains on several days of the week – Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.


The show lasts 25 minutes and includes 5 musical compositions.


In winter, the attraction is also a great place, albeit only with multi-colored artistic lighting.


The garden in which the singing fountains are located has been declared a monument of park art.


Tsar – Simeon’s Garden, which was created by the Italian sculptor Arnaldo Dzocchi, is located right next to the Main Pedestrian Promenade.


Many monuments of Bulgarian spiritual leaders are preserved in it, and a number of contemporary sculptural compositions can be seen.


The fountains are located 8 minutes (650 m) from The Stay!

6. The Ancient Theater

It is inevitable that the enchanting Ancient Theater will appear on this list!


Also known as the Ancient Theater of Philippopolis, it is among the best-preserved ancient theaters in the world.


It was built during the time of the Roman emperor Marcus Ulpius Trajan (98 – 117 AD) and was discovered during excavations between 1968 and 1979 by the Archaeological Museum – Plovdiv.


The Theater is located between Jambaz Tepe and Taksim Tepe. It is also the only preserved ancient theater building in Bulgarian lands.


Besides being a unique ancient find, it has been adapted for the modern cultural life of Plovdiv and various events are held in it for about 3,500 spectators.


The Ancient Theater is just 750 meters or an 11-minute walk from The Stay!

7. Old Town

Speaking of the Ancient Theater, it only makes sense to talk about the stunning Old Plovdiv, also known as the Old Town, because the theater is a part of it.


This enchanting area of ​​Plovdiv is located on three of the emblematic hills of the city – Nebet Tepe, Jambaz Tepe, and Taksim Tepe.


On its territory, within an idyllic afternoon walk, anyone can come across and enjoy antiques, inns, old houses from the Bulgarian Renaissance, churches, and temples, an amphitheater, fortress walls, aqueducts, and many more colorful objects!


And if you’re staying at The Stay, it will take you 11 minutes to walk there, because you only have to walk 850 m.

8. “Kapana” Creative District

We’re not even sure we need to tell you about The Trap, but we can’t risk anyone not knowing about this iconic neighborhood!


Positioned in the heart of the city, “Kapana” was created as a center of artisans around Kurshum Khan (on the site of today’s Central Halls).


The distinctive look of the neighborhood consists of the abundance of colors, graffiti, diverse architecture, and the iconic “roof” of patterned triangular flags.


If you include a visit to the “Trap” in your plan (highly recommended!), know that you can reach it in 9 minutes by foot, because it is only 700 meters from The Stay!

9. “Together Plovdiv 2019”

The colorful inscription “Together” is the favorite place for photos of almost every resident or guest of Plovdiv. It is the inspiration behind similar installations in other larger settlements in Bulgaria.


The sign was put up in 2016, with “Together” reading “Plovdiv 2019 European capital of culture”. “Together” was the slogan of the application for a European capital, with which Plovdiv won the competition in competition with other local cities.


It is located in a picturesque location on the main street of Plovdiv, at 30 “Knyaz Alexander I-vi” street, and shares the stairs with the water cascade with the Milio monument.

And when we say that The Stay is a few minutes away from every important and interesting location in Plovdiv, we are not kidding! The stairs with the water cascade are 2 minutes away – only 150 meters from our hotel!

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