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Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe.

At present, there are over 200 registered architectural monuments of culture in Plovdiv, 30 of which of nation-wide importance. The numerous movable monuments of culture exceed the number of 300,000 and are kept in five museums on the territory of the city the Archaeological Ethnographic, Historical, Nature museums, and in the City Art Gallery. All of them are just a short walk away around us.

Plovdiv Amphitheater

History and Future gathered in the second largest city in Bulgaria

Plovdiv is also the setting ground of the world-famous sites such as the Ancient Theatre of Philippopolis (2nd c. AD), the Roman Stadium (2nd c. AD), the splendid polychrome mosaics in residential houses and basilicas, the Nebettepe archaeological complex, the magnificent examples of National Revival-style architecture: the houses of Balabanov, Koyumdjioglu, Hadji Aleko, Mavrudi, Georgiadi, Nedkovich, Hindliyan, etc.

Old Plovdiv was declared an architectural museum reserve because of the architectural features of the National Revival-style houses sited compactly on the territory of the Three Hills (Nebet Tepe, Jambaz Tepe and Taxim Tepe). Their impressive appearance, ornate internal decoration, cosiness and family spirit are perfect examples of the spirit of their time.

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